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The digital revolution is impacting on DVD and Blu-ray distribution, as it is on every other form of physical product. The upshot for content-owners is that there are fewer quality suppliers of DVD and Blu-ray authoring services — and fewer still that can offer a one-stop, A-to-Z package. But look no further: re:fine is not only a safe pair of hands, but its DVD and Blu-ray service will also save you money, time and bother. Here’s why:

It’s messy. Co-ordinating different suppliers of design, authoring and replication services can easily turn into a logistical nightmare, with deadlines clashing, priorities colliding and tempers fraying. Outsourcing your DVD and Blu-ray requirements to one supplier with the resources to handle the entire process in-house not only makes sense logistically but also, thanks to economies of scale, is better for your bottom line.

There’s a lot to go wrong. Distributing DVD and Blu-ray catalogues requires a combination of technical skill and creative flair — and never more so than with box sets, which need eye-catching packaging and well-designed menus to appeal to the buying public. But in addition to creative vision, you also need a supplier that can double as a logistics expert, is able to execute multi-destination deliveries and can distribute your product in multiple languages to multiple territories. Those are a lot of strings to pull together — and a lot to come unravelled if you lose your grip.

Stop the trafficking. Piracy costs the entertainment business millions of pounds a year — and your DVD and Blu-ray discs are the pirate’s booty of choice. The latest technology, however, makes it harder for the pirates to copy your IP and, if the worst should happen, can also help to track pirated products.

The re:fine solution

re:fine’s DVD and Blu-ray authoring services cover the spectrum, from packaging and menu design to replication and delivery. Every client is assigned with an account manager, whose job it is to oversee — and QC — every stage of the process, while providing on-going advice and consultancy. And that’s not all:

The right look – every time. Our professional authors and designers have tens of thousands of titles to their credit, from retail blockbusters to company reports. Technical proficiency and attention to detail is matched by artistic skill and creative insight, enabling us to follow your existing style guide — or even dream up a whole new look and livery.

All the geeky stuff. Because we know what we’re doing on the technical front, you don’t have to. We also make sure we stay on the bleeding edge of technology. For example, we’re one of the few supplies capable of creating 3D Blu-ray discs. And we can also distribute your content to the big digital platforms, including iTunes and Netflix, from your physical masters.

Language, please. We offer subtitling and packaging translations services in over 40 languages. What’s more, because we work exclusively with professional ‘in-territory’ translators, we can guarantee that our subtitles and texts are technically correct, engagingly written and culturally relevant.